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Thomas W Tramaglini is the managing director for BRP Onesta.  BRP Onesta is a New Jersey based company that helps small businesses reach their goals.  As the MD of Thomas W Tramaglini BRP Onesta, Thomas W Tramaglini works with a team of successful advisors that specialize in helping small business owners.  Before beginning with BRP Onesta, Tom worked as a teacher and administrator for 20 years.  Thomas W Tramaglini has a bachelor’s degree from FDU.  He also has a masters and doctoral degree from Rutgers University.

While working as a teacher and school leader, Tom wrote over 25 peer reviewed papers, articles, and book chapters. Tom fought for equity, access, and achievement for all students, primarily in smaller schools in poor places.  He also received various honors including the 2013 New Jersey ASCD Outstanding Educator Award.  Dr. Tramaglini served on ASCD’s Board of Directors and New Jersey ASCD’s Executive Board and is a past president.

After leaving public service, Tom worked for a small startup in New York City.  The startup served as a commercial loan broker and Tom worked as a sales manager and led a team of sales executives in a national market.

in 2019 Tom left the startup and founded BRP Onesta.  Taking the principles he learned and practiced in education, BRP Onesta serves small businesses in every state, Mexico, and Canada.  The company has and continues to grow each month.  During the Covid-19 Pandemic, BRP Onesta originated over $40MM in EIDL and PPP funding.

BRP Onesta specializes in commercial loan origination, web hosting and web design.  BRP Onesta also offers accounting, bookkeeping, and business credit building to its clients.  For several years, BRP Onesta has received several awards for its services.  Customer service is a priority – We aim at making our services the best each day regardless of the task.